Refrigerated boxcar 16-6973

Autonomous refrigerated boxcar

This refrigerated boxcar is designed to to carry perishable freight (unpacked or packaged) at low temperatures. Inner temperature is preset and then kept in a range from -20 C to +16 C. This model can carry cargoes that require thermostatically controlled enviroment. Floor insulation is made of polyurethane foam filled composite sections.

Novozybkovsky factory
Made by OJSC «Novozybkovsky machinery factory»


This reefer boxcar’s technical data is provided in the following table:

Feature Value
Max load (t) 58
Vehicle weight (t) 42
Cargo bay volume (m³) 115
Track width (mm) 1520
Base length (mm) 16800
Max. height (mm) 4570
Max. width (mm) 3250
Door size (W x H, mm) 2850 х 2110
Area (m2) 47.2
Estimated heat transfer ratio (W/(m2*K)) 0.2
Estimated time to first overhaul (years) 16
Supported temperature range (°C) -20 … +16
Refrigerator autonomous operation time up to 30 days