Composite tank container

Composite Reservoir Tank Container

This composite reservoir tank container is designed for land or marine transportation of liquid dangerous cargoes.

Produced by “Research and Production Corporation “Uralvagonzavod”


This tank container’s technical data is provided in the following table:

Feature Value
UN class UN T14
ADR type L4DH
ISO 668:1995 size 1CC
Max. weight (kg) 36000
Dry weight (kg) 3600-3900
Max. load (kg) 32100-32400
Volume (l) 24000
Dimensions (mm) 6058х2438х2591
Fitting dimensions (mm)
length 5853.5 ±4.5
width 2259±4
Inner tank diameter (mm) 2400
Max. tank pressure (MPa) 0.4