Composite hopper car

Composite hopper car 19-5167

Hopper car with an integral frame in a composite bay. It is designed to carry non-dangerous dry bulk cargoes that must be protected from percipation like fertilizers, coal, etc. A composite bay can endure up to 100 years.

Produced by “Research and Production Corporation “Uralvagonzavod”


This hopper’s technical data is provided in the following table:

Feature Value
Max load (t) 74
Vehicle weight (t) 25.5±0.5
Cargo bay volume (m³) 125 minimum
Track width (mm) 1520
Base length (mm) 12000±5
Max. width (mm) 3220
Hatch number 4 for loading

6 for unloading

Hatch sizes (mm) – loading hatch 1630х600
– unloading hatch 1376х514
Max. speed (kph) 120