EG-7 excavator

EG-7 - a diesel-hydraulic mine excavator

This mine excavator weights 116 tons and is powered by a 684 h.p. Cummins KTTA-19-C700 diesel. Hydraulic motors and epicyclic hub gearboxes are produced by Rextron. This machine has a comfortable cabin with an air conditioning unit.

Made by OJSC “Russian-Baltic Railroad Car Factory”


Features of this mine excavator are listed in the following table:

Feature Value
Weight 116 t
Scoop volume (for crushed bulk material weighing 2.5 tons per m3) 4 m3
Scoop volume (for crushed bulk material weighing 1.8 – 2.5 tons per m3) 6 m3
Scoop volume (for crushed bulk material weighing up top 1.8 tons per m3) 8 m3
Main drive power 503 kW
movement speed 0…0.3 kph
Acceptable terrain tilt 0.8
Traction force 628 kN
Average ground pressure (tracks 710  mm wide) 120 kPa
Average ground pressure (tracks 960  mm wide) 160 kPa
Shovel configuration:
Scoop drive breakout force 670 kN
Feed force (scoop and arm drives combined) 700 kN
Digging bucket configuration:
Arm drive breakout force 500 kN
Scoop drive breakout force 450 kN

Digging details

Mine excavator
Value Digging bucket configuration Shovel configuration
Digging depth (m) 12.5 14.9
Digging radius (m) 11,4 15,54
Maximum unloading height (m) 10.2 10.03
Maximum digging depth (m) 3.4 8.67
Arm length (m) 5.0 8.8
Arm + boom length (m) 3.85 4.0