Boxcar 11-9962-02

Boxcar 11-9962-02

4 axle boxcar with a cargo bay volume of 150-158 m3 with wide doors. It is used to carry payloads that must be protected from precipitation.

Novozybkovsky factory
Made by OJSC «Novozybkovsky machinery factory»


This boxcar’s technical data is provided in the following table:

Feature Value
Max load (t) 67.2
Vehicle weight (t) 26.8
Cargo bay volume (m³) 157.2
Track width (mm) 1520
Length (mm) 18325
Max. height (mm) 2820
Max. width (mm) 2745
Door size (W x H, mm) 3905 x 2720
Estimated time to first overhaul (years) 32